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  • Urine Removal Tips

    19 July at 10:05 from atlas

    You don't need to think hard to remember being exposed to a dreaded urine spilling accident. When this occurs, what do you do? 

    Well, your immediate response can dictate the success (orfailure) of  urine removal. That ugly yellow stain ring on the mattress or carpet is unsightly. The pungent ammonia odour is almost unbearable. The reality is how you deal with this spill will determine its future.

    Here are a couple of DO NOTS.

    • DO NOT reach for your supermarket stain remover. Its chemical base will set the stain in....Making it permanent. Chemical use is urine removal's greatest enemy. 
    • DO NOT believe all these "How to remove urine from your mattress or carpet" 'magical remedies' you find in a Google search.
    • DO NOT rub the urine in. This will damage the fibres and push the urine further in to the padding and fabric. 
    • DO NOT use steam, hot water or hair drier on urine. This will simply remove the water soluble elements BUT will set in the non-water soluble Uric Acid Crystal Salts that obtain the pungent urine offensive odour.
    If you are in Brisbane or the Redlands, we have good news. A urine spill doesn't have to be the death nel for your mattress.  Great news. RevitaClean offers a unique chemical-free solution. Utilising our specially formulatedEco-Friendly and Natural urine removal cleanser, even some old urine and blood stains can be a distant memory.  Now for a few DO's.
    • DO use a water dampened white towel to blot the spill. Rince the towel under cold water and  continue until all fluid is visibly removed.
    • DO leave the mattress on the bed frame in its normal position. 
    • DO call RevitaClean ASAP to clean the remaining Uric Acid Crystal Salts before they become a permanent stain on your expensive mattress.
    RevitaClean are your urine removal specialists for you mattress in Brisbane and the Redlands. We also remove stains from coffee, wine, vomit, faeces and blood.
    Please note: Due to differing circumstances such as fabric type, stain age, chemical use and unforseen removal obstacles, some stains may be permanent and unable to be removed.  Call RevitaClean, your mattress cleaning experts today on 0432 333 464. We service all Brisbane suburbs including Brisbane South, Brisbane North, Brisbane East & Brisbane West. We clean, sanitise, deodorise your mattress and perform urine, vomit, blood, coffee, wine removal in the following Redlands suburbs: Mattress Cleaning Capalaba, Alexandra Hills, Birkdale, Thorneside, Wellington Point, Ormiston, Cleveland, Mattress Cleaning Thornlands, Victoria Point, Redland Bay, Sheldon and Mount Cotton.


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