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  • Urine on Mattress?

    14 February at 15:27 from atlas

    If you allow your young children sleep in your bed, it's inevitable one day, an accident will occur. The saying, "Prevention is better than a cure" is absolutely true. If your kids (or pet cat or dog for that matter) share your bed, use a waterproof matress protector. Yes they can be noisy and even hot, but will help prevent the urine from coming in contact with your bed.

    If the urine does contact the mattress, be sure to use a damp white towel to blot it. Simply apply pressure so it draws the spill into the towel. Never rub or apply any chemicals, vinegar or other website 'miracle cures'. These solutions do nothing but mask the problem and set the stain into the fibres.

    The longer a spot remains on the mattress,  the harder it is to remove until it becomes a permanent stain. Age is stain removing's greatest enemy. This is true for most spotting. Blood, urine, coffee, wine and all tannin based spotting must be treated as soon as possible. 

    Mattress stains can be very difficult to remove as there are no long fibres such as carpets have, to treat and the stain travels deep into the foam or mattress padding. Treating only the surface isn't often good enough.

    Call RevitaClean ASAP to treat all urine spills. Our system is highly effective and safe. 0432333464.

    For further information on mattress cleaning, sanitation and urine removal, please Click Here


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