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  • Take Charge of Your Maintenance

    1 February at 21:41 from atlas

    I have spoken to many hotel managers and maintenance managers over the years and found a common denominator - Frustration. Recently I was in a motel for a few nights. About to enjoy a shower, the shower handle broke in my hand preventing me from a few minutes of relaxation.

    The manager was forced to drop what he was doing after hours to fix the problem.

    Regardless of the motel or hotel's age, things break due to age and reckless users. However, many managers are frustrated. Let me explain...

    Reactive maintenance  is just chasing after your tail and that is the cause of the frustration. It always requires the embarrassing apology to the client and maybe even moving them into another room while the reactive maintenance is performed.

    This is the most inconvenient and costly form of maintenance - not to mention the potential bad reviews on Trip Advisor and other similar websites.

    This leads me to the smart alternative - Preventative Maintenance.

    Why wait for your clients to complain about a bad night's sleep due to allergies triggered by the contaminants in the mattress? Dust mites, dust mite faeces (potent allergens), dead skin & bodily fluids (from hundreds of different people), sickness causing bacteria and viruses, mould and other microorganisms trigger asthma, hay fever, sinus attacks, sore eyes and eczema outbreaks.

    Help prevent complaints by Preventative Maintenance of your mattresses. Take control and call your hotel mattress cleaning professionals. We clean and sanitise hotel and motel mattresses in Brisbane, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. We destroy bad odours found in mattresses and our system means your housekeeping team remakes the bed just minutes after treatment - No Steam or Water.

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