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  • My Cat Did a Whoopsie...

    4 September at 18:56 from atlas

    The alarm goes off at 6am. You shower and iron your clothes. You do your hair to an acceptable level and make your way to the kitchen to prepare and eat breakfast. 

    The kids argue about the sardine sandwiches in their lunchbox and in a dither, you give them $10 each to settle the lunch score. You rush out of the house, dropping the kids at school and off to work you go.

    5pm comes around. You pick up the kids and head off home pondering your evening meal you need to prepare upon entering the front door. Heading to your bedroom to change, you open the door to find that kitty was locked in and had no litter! 

    OH NO!

    A huge mess before your eyes. Torn up curtains. De-fluffed pillows and that's not all. Your bed is a pig stye. The cat had to relieve himself somewhere but on your mattress???

    A big puddle of guess whatis a target in the middle, the dead middle of your beloved mattress. Your hands cover your face in horror as you immediately run to the bathroom looking for the Glen 20 and bucket of hot water and dish washing liquid. YUK!

    Unfortunately, all you do is spread the urine from edge to edge, driving it deeper into your mattress. "There is no way I'll sleep in this stench tonight", you exclaim with a deep sigh.

    There is an alternative. Grab a thick damp towel and place it on the urine spill and call 0432333464. I will give you a quote to clean it up and leave it nice and clean. We use natural probiotics, not synthetic chemicals that ruin your mattress, and your health. 

    Don't put anything on urine. It will set it in and spread it everywhere.

    Cats a beautiful - until these crazy occasions. 

    Call us today - 0432333464. RevitaClean will make your mattress healthy again.


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