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  • Microorganisms in your Mattress

    20 February at 21:32 from atlas

    If you have, you would have seen photos of dead skin, dust mite allergens and hair etc. This talc looking substance is very fine in consistency and quite heavy in weight. 

    The allergens are so fine that we breath them in to our respiratory system making it the perfect trigger of asthma and hay fever. It also can agrivate skin disorders such as eczema.

    Mattress Makeover removes this contamination from your bed so you can sleep healthy again. Dust mites love your mattress because of the dead skin you exfoliate is the perfect food and the humid conditions Brisbane offers creates a dark, safe and comfortable environment for these nasty microscopic spiders.

    Pictured is a small 350mm x 350mm sample extracted from a client's mattress in Brisbane recently. She was shocked that so much came out of such a small area.

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