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  • Mattress Cleaning Tips

    11 December at 09:11 from atlas

    The dust mite droppings are the most potent biological indoor allergens known to man. (WHO).

    More than 99% of homes, hotels, motels and resorts are infested with these microscopic spiders, particularly in warm, humid climates like Brisbane, Redlands, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. 

    We can't totally remove them from our homes but we can take measures to help control the dreaded effects of dust mite allergens.

    Following are a few ideas...

    1. Wash your sheets weekly in hot water to help remove allergens and kill dust mites
    2. Air out your bed weekly. Don't make your bed immediately but allow it to dry out for a few hours on a weekly basis
    3. Expose your mattress to sunlight where possible
    4. Wash your pillows every month & hang in the sun to dry
    5. Remove soft stuffed toys from around the bed. They harbour potent allergens. Take them outside and "beat them" before leaving them in the sun. An alternative, place your stuffed toys in a plastic bag and put in the freezer overnight. this will kill the dust mites
    6. In serious cases, consider removing carpets from the bedroom and wash curtains regularly
    7. Use a damp microfibre to dust shelving etc
    8. Use synthetic doonas rather than down or feather. Some evidence shows that this can be very helpful
    9. Regular dry vacuuming is helpful. If however your vacuum isn't fitted with industrial HEPA Filtration, it will release most of the microscopic allergens through the exhaust back into the room
    10. Call RevitaClean to kill not just the dust mites but also the bacteria, viruses & mould that accumulates in mattresses and remove the dust mites and dead skin we exfoliate (food for the mites) Phone Daren now on 0432 333 464
    11. Never use harsh chemicals, disinfectants, steam or deodorisers to remove urine or blood stains from your mattress. It sets the stain in to become permanent. 
    12. Never saturate your mattress. It takes days to dry properly. Mould spores will grow in such moist conditions which is very harmful to your health. Blot spills with a damp white towel until it dries then call us ASAP on 0432333464. 

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