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  • Mattress Cleaning Tips

    4 February at 21:18 from atlas

    It doesn't matter how hygienically you live, accidents happen. Drink spills. The cat breaks into your room and… Your child falls asleep on your bed (or on his/her own) and wakes up too late. If you enjoy breaky in bed, your coffee makes its way all over your nice, clean bed.

    So many different scenarios can happen on any given day - particularly when you have pets or children.

    Such accidents don't just happen on your mattress. Your sofa and lounge chairs are also a very attractive target.

    When a spill of any kind occurs, the idea is to blot it ASAP. Grab a clean, white towel or paper towel and blot it by adding pressure and ring it out and repeat until you absorb no more fluid. Place another clean towel on the spill with a weight such as a heavy book to help absorb any remaining fluid. You can use this for any spill such as urine, coffee, tea, milk and water. Many organic spills need more than just water to remove it fully and can leave permanent stains if allowed to dry.

    I have come across some customers who try to dry the spill with a hair dryer. Never add heat to most spills such as blood, urine, milk or tea as it will set the stain in…forever.

    Also, don't rub the stain. Not only will it push it into the bed, carpet or upholstery even deeper but can damage the fibres permanently also.

    There are many web-based "how to remove a stain magic remedies" that promise a happy ending but alas, most often are a 'Shakespearean' tragedy. Call the experts before you reach for the vinegar or bicarb. The sooner a professional treats the spill, the greater the chance of a good result.

    For all mattress cleaning, upholstery cleaning (fabric and leather), and dry carpet cleaning in Brisbane, Redlands and the Gold Coast, call RevitaClean on 0432 333 464. We don't use any harsh chemicals, nasty petroleum detergents or hot water extraction (steam cleaning) but eco-friendly and safe cleaning products.


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