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  • Is Sanitising the Best Option?

    15 March at 21:44 from atlas

    Over the past decades, we have witnessed numerous products in the market with the promise of "killing those nasty germs".

    In the wake of this bacteria killing spree, we have experienced the birth of these harmful "superbugs" that are aparently bacterial mutations that develop an amunity to sanitises and disinfectants.

    Over 85% of bacteria we have contact with is what is known as beneficial or good bacteria. Speaking recently with a microbiologist, she informed me that the real figure is closer to 92% beneficial. This means only 8-15% of bacteria we have regular contact is pathogenic. 

    Here lies the problem.

    When we apply a sanitiser or superheated steam to kill the bacteria, we will kill almost all bacteria - the pathagenic and the beneficial. It's like being at war and the general of the "good" side gives the order to drop a nuclear bomb on the whole lot to ensure a total victory.

    Sounds irational to say the least. Well, I have leaned that killing all bacteria is the wrong approach to healthy living.

    As utilising the power of probiotics to regain gut bacteria balance, so too, the application of a special probiotics to your mattress, carpets and upholstery is also the best approach to cleaning and "sanitising".

    We at RevitaClean have ditched harsh chemical sanitisers that wipes everything out but after it dries, is quickly repopulated with bad or pathogenic and harmful bacteria. The reason for this is such bacteria is far more resilient and harder to kill than the good guys. This is due to the formation of biofilms that protects the bad guys.

    Our special probiotic cleaning formula breaks through the biofilm and overcomes the harmful bacteria.

    This is a new generation of mattress cleaning, carpet dry cleaning and upholstery cleaning without detergents, hot water extraction (steam cleaning) and harsh and harmful chemicals. And it works.

    RevitaClean is your local Brisbane and Redlands mattress cleaners and carpet dry cleaners with an amazing eco-friendly point of difference.

    Call us today for a quote. We offer very competitive rates and service Brisbane, Redlands and the Gold Call.

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