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  • Is Mattress Steam Cleaning Good in Brisbane?

    24 July at 13:59 from atlas

    It seems to make perfect sense to use steam when cleaning your mattress...right? Well at first thought, yes. After all we clean the carpets and tiles with steam. Steam is a great sanitiser as it kills germs and bacteria. But here is some info you need to consider...

    Your mattress is built on a multiple number of padded layers. This padding, whether is it a synthetic wadding or natural latex rubber, is very dense and thick not allowing for good ventilation. By the time the super-heated steam is injected into the padding, it cools and simply reverts back to liquid water.

    This water remains in the mattress (huge sponge) until it naturally dries which will take several hours or even says particularly in our humid Brisbane climate. In that time, mould will begin to grow. The speed of its growth will depend greatly on the humidity level and ventilation.

    The water from the steam can also cause significant damage to the springs and the timber box frame of the ensemble.

    For more information on steam cleaning a mattress Brisbane Mattress Steam Cleaning.


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