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  • Dust Mites in Winter?

    3 May at 14:52 from atlas

    Coming into the winter months I am often asked if mattress cleaning is as necessary as in summer.

    One of the great aspects of living in Brisbane and Redlands is our amazing winter. Our winters are dry, cool days and relatively cold nights makes for a comfortable lifestyle.

    Customers ask me the leading question because of dust mites. As these microscopic spiders love warm to hot climates with 60%+ relative humidity, Brisbane provides a perfect dust mite breeding environment. 

    Winter therefore should see a reduction in the dust mite population - Right? Don't get too excited just yet. 

    Well we also love to keep warm in the winter. We heat our houses and bedrooms where dust mites mostly reside. We often use humidifiers to make the air more comfortable to breathe. We snuggle under multi layers of bed covers as we sleep. After we arise from our slumber we pull the covers up to lock in all the moist air from our sweat etc.

    We continue to exfoliate even in winter which dust mites love to eat our skin. So to answer the above question, yes. There is very little change in dust mite breeding cycles in our Brisbane winter.

    To conclude, mattress cleaning is an all year round hygiene maintenance requirement to help control dust mite allergens in your home.

    For for information on dust mites, please click here.


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