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  • Customer Service is our Business

    14 February at 12:44 from atlas

    Many businesses have great products to sell and offer great solutions to their customers. Many businesses are awesome innovators making discoveries that take them and their customers to a new level. Many businesses have huge marketing budgets to get their product out into the market place to potential customers. But in many cases, there is a obvious missing link between huge budgets, slick campaigns, innovation and great product...And their customers. 

    What is that link?

    Service. Old fashioned Customer Service. A business is so often let down by their inability to transfer their message to the understanding of their most important part of the business - The Customer! Without customers there is NO business. 

    We have all been disappointed as we sit waiting for our meal at a restaurant or patiently waiting at a department store for a sales consultant to show up let alone answer questions or offer solutions. The general rule of thumb is that you get what you pay for. If you trade off for the cheapest price, you will almost always get the cheapest service and product.

    Service for us is everything. Yes here at RevitaClean, we are the best in Brisbane at dry cleaning carpets, sanitising and cleaning your mattress, cleaning upholstery and sofas, cleaning rugs and we even removing stains and eliminating odours! I have no doubt about it. But if our customer service sucked, it is all in vain.

    I have the best customers in the world and I'm not just speaking idle words. I genuinely love my customers. Over the last three and a half years, I have had the honour of working for customers from all areas including hotels, motels, caravan parks, respite centres, day care centres and every day home owners who want their carpets cleaned properly or mattresses cleaned thoroughly or urine removed from carpets or beds. 

    Every one of them are awesome. I take this moment to thank you all. For all of my customers who took the time to send me a review or access the WOMO Review Site and review RevitaClean there - Special gratitude to you. Thanks.

    As a result, we have received a 2014 and 2015 Customer Service Awards that only 5% of businesses actually achieve. It's because of my customers.

    Now I've got my sites on the 2016 Customer Service Award. Thanks again RevitaClean Customers. You're Awesome.


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