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  • Carpet Steam Cleaning the Best in Brisbane?

    19 May at 13:54 from atlas

    Recently I was called to a client's house to clean her mattress at an inner Brisbane City suburb. She just moved in and showed me the carpet that was "steam cleaned". With anger, she explained that it was done on Monday and was still quite wet. I was there on Wednesday! She was prevented from moving her furniture on to the carpeted area due to the dampness.

    I noticed the musty Mould smell that was caused by the wet carpet. Now mould spores are seriously bad for the respiratory system and are a major trigger, along with dust mites, of asthma attacks. Her carpet was now a breeding ground of these nasty microorganisms.

    Above all this, as the carpet was drying...Slowly, the fibres were "wicking" the imbedded grime from deep in the carpet and underlay that the "steam cleaning" missed. This means that the surface of the carpet now looks as dirty as prior getting it cleaned.

    Brisbane is well known for its high humidity. Carpet "Steam Cleaning" is really Hot Water Extraction which pumps water and detergents into the carpet and is sucked out as part of the process. There are a few serious issues using this method to clean carpets particularly in our high humid Brisbane climate. The obvious is that it takes a whole lot longer to dry. This leads to...

    1. Mould spore and bacterial growth
    2. Smelly, soggy carpets
    3. Inconvenient not being able to live in your house
    4. Damaged carpet. I will explain that further at a later date.

    The problem is that this Brisbane carpet steam cleaning business told the client that the carpets will be dry in just a few hours! Wrong! (She said it was even stated on their website)

    I am going there again in a few days to clean them with a special dry carpet cleaning method. It's not encapsulation but rather a very powerful and effective dry method that the carpets love. In fact, it sanitises and kills the microorganisms as part of the process.

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