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    23 May at 12:05 from atlas

    There are many methods to clean your mattress ranging from hot water extraction and steam to the use of UV-C lights to sanitise your mattress.

    Amid the array of options, you must ensure you choose the method that is best and most effective for you. What you must consider is...

    1. Will it remove all of most of the allergens from dust mites, bodily fluid residue, mould, dust and dead skin?
    2. Will it kill 99.99% of sickness producing bacteria and viruses actively living in your mattress?
    3. Will you be able to sleep in your bed within 15 minutes of treatment?
    4. Will the mattress be truly deodorised, leaving it fresh and smelling great following treatment?
    5. Are the technicians 'Mattress Cleaning Specialists', not carpet cleaners doing mattresses on the side?

    Mattress Makeover ticks all the boxes.

    Mattress Cleaning Brisbane Specialists removes the contamination from your bed including microscopic dust mites, dust mite poo, mould, fungi, dead skin, bodily fluid residue and dust with our sophisticated dry extraction machine which stores the contaminants in a HEPA bag.

    We apply our powerful XGERMinator sanitiser which kills 99.99% of germs, bacteria and viruses including the virus associated with  causing the common cold.

    Our final part of the process is removing the odours and making it smell delicious.

    This takes around 50 minutes for a queen size mattress. If stain removal or heavily soiled, please add a further 30 minutes minimum and our system changes accordingly.

    Our Sanitation Treatment is non-toxic and non-hazardous and is completely safe and harmless to humans and animals.

    The Mattress Makeover's Sanitation Treatment is a high strength anti-microbial, anti-fungal, sanitising and Odour Destroying system that has a fast and wide scope kill of all types of bacteria and viruses including…

    1. gram-positive bacteria (eg Bacillus Subtillus, Staphylococcus Aureus)
    2. gram-negative bacteria (eg Escherichia Coli, Pseudomonas Aeroginosa)
    3. Moulds & Yeasts (eg Aspergillus Niger)
    4. Viruses (eg Newcastle Disease Virus)

    When tested according to the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) test guidelines Mattress Makeover's Sanitising Treatment achieved a 100% kill rate in all categories. It has also been proven effective in treating urine, vomit, sewage and faeces.

    Unlike the UV-C light which has limited ability to sanitise below the surface of the mattress, Mattress Makeover's Mattress Cleaning and Sanitising System will penetrate to where the nasties are.


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