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     Mattress Cleaning & Sanitisation

    Q. Which mattress cleaning system is most effective?

    A. As you may be aware, the are numerous methods on the market and as you search the internet for more information, you will be inundated with many options. Let me explain...

    Most carpet cleaning companies that added "Mattress Cleaning and sanitising" to their list of services, they simply continued to use the same system that they use to clean floors. For example... If they use the most common carpet cleaning system, "Hot Water Extraction" (commonly mis-quoted as steam cleaning) they will also use hot water extraction to clean your mattress.

    This creates a whole new dilemma. Your mattress is like a huge sponge that absorbs moisture from the humidity in the air, the sweat from our perspiration and the fluid we might happen to spill on our beds. Where does this moisture go? Nowhere. It takes days, not hours to evaporate. In this time, given the perfect environment for mould spore and bad bacteria growth, you have created a "nursery" for nasty micro-organisms to breed.

    Why pump water into your mattress? Why create a dangerous sleeping environment?

    Our Dry Extraction Sanitising System works best. We use minimum moisture and have maximum effect. In fact, when your use the RevitaClean mattress cleaning system, your can sleep in your bed just 15 minutes after treatment. (more if urine or other organic stains need removal)

    Q. What are the benefits of having my mattress cleaned & sanitised?

    A. As a large percentage of the Australian population are directly or indirectly effected by dust mite allergens, removing this major asthma trigger is a great move. In fact, according to the World Health Organisation, the allergens excreted from the common dust mite is the most potent biological indoor allergen known to man. It's microscopic and requires specialist extraction equipment to remove it properly.

    Other than the potent dust mite allergens, disease causing bad bacteria, viruses, fungi, mould spores and other harmful micro-organisms lurk in our mattresses that need to be killed and removed. This is done by a specialist mattress sanitiser that targets such spores - not only on the surface but also inside the mattress where they mostly hide. (understand that the UV-C sanitising light is often used however, it's effectiveness is questionable as it only reaches the surface, not below)

    If you remove the main culprits of sickness, allergy and asthma attacks, the benefits of professional mattress cleaning are quite clear.

    Q. Do you clean mattresses and carpets in hotels, motels and resorts?

    A. Absolutely. We have very attractive rates for holiday accommodation throughout Brisbane, Redlands, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. We even have clients around Bundaberg.

    Think about this for instance - Would you buy a mattress that has been used by multiple people over a period of 1 or 2 years? Hotels have a duty of care to offer their clients beds that are hygienically clean and sanitised.

    Q. How often should we have our mattress cleaned and sanitised?

    A. There is no short answer. Much depends on allergies and how you are effected to the exposure to dust mite allergens and micro-organisms. Remember, you use your bed approx 8 hours a day. This equates to a third of your life. Many allergies become more evident after sundown and this may be directly attributed to allergen exposure in your bed.

    For such people, every 3 - 6 months you need your mattress treated. For routine hygiene purposes, every 12 months is adequate.

    Of course there are other reasons for mattress cleaning, urine accidents, coffee & wine spills & warranty claims. These are on a needs basis. Call us today to book - 0432 333 464.

    Q. Do you treat urine stains?

    A. Yes. However, the longer you leave a urine, coffee, milk, wine, blood or other stain untreated, the harder it will be to remove. Here are a few hints...

    Blot up urine etc immediately with a damp clean towel or micro fibre. Blot, do not rub or you will damage that fibres. If you have to use any liquid, water is all. This must be blotted immediately to dilute the spill. If it is urine, the Urochrome and the Urea are water soluble but the Uric Acid Crystals are not. This is where the pungent odour resides. We remove it all. Call us ASAP to treat all urine, wine, coffee and milk spills. The sooner it is professionally treated, the better. Urine and sweat stains often adds a dye into the fibres making some staining permanent. 

    Note of Caution...Never apply steam or heat to urine. This simply sets the uric acid into the fibres making it permanent. Cold only.

    Q. Is your mattress cleaning system safe and eco friendly?

    A.Totally. Our sanitising formular, is clinically tested and is safe for children and animals. Not to be applied to broken skin. Our other cleaning products are chemical-free utilising natural cleaning process. Safe for waterways, septic and the environment.

    More Questions and Answers coming soon.


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