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    Q. What is the best system to use to clean my carpets?

    A. Traditionally, Australia has accepted the Hot Water Extraction method to deep clean carpets. This method is also incorrectly called "steam cleaning" which is another legitimate cleaning method apart from hot water extraction. The HWE application is via a truck mount or a portable machine that pumps hot water and detergents/chemicals into your carpets and the vacuum extracts it as it goes.

    Time has moved us forward into more technologically effective methods without the risk of flooding and permanently damaging our carpets. Carpets aren't manufactured to be wet or treated with petroleum based detergents that leave behind a sticky residue. Over wetting carpets with such heat will cause delamination of the backing from the adhesive, effectively ruining the carpets.

    As a result, RevitaClean utilises a highly effective dry system used widely in Europe and the USA for decades. Used only by a handful of technicians in Australia, we use our powerful and Eco-Friendly good bacteria and enzyme based blend and micro-sponges that absorb the dirt and grime once we apply our vertical brush machine to agitate the carpets. This results in a very deep clean, deodorised carpet with the pile that is lifted and looking bright and fresh again, naturally.

    Q. What are the benefits of using the RevitaClean Carpet Cleaning System?

    A. The hot water extraction (wrongly called 'Steam Cleaning') leaves your carpets wet for hours - I've even seen carpets left wet for 4 days from hot water extraction. Can you imagine the mould that will grow in your carpets and underlay if left wet for any length of time. Not to mention the smell.

    The RevitaClean carpet cleaning system is dry when we leave your house, office or hotel. This means…

    • No wet dog smell in your carpets
    • No water marks (high tide marks) a left from over wetting
    • Stains we remove will not return
    • You can use your carpets, move furniture in your rooms - live a normal life!
    • Great for the office, hotel, motel, cinema as it greatly reduces downtime
    • Your carpets stay cleaner, longer as we don't use petroleum based detergents that leave a sticky residue
    • No use of harsh chemicals - All Eco-Friendly
    • Carpets look great and smell fresh, naturally

    Q. How is the RevitaClean carpet cleaning system more eco-friendly?

    A. Firstly, as we use 80% less moisture than the traditionally accepted wet methods, no waste water is flushed down the drains. Secondly, no harsh chemicals are used therefore, our waterways are spared the pollution. Thirdly, our products are all totally biodegradable making them safe for our beautiful environment.

    Q. How often should we call on RevitaClean to clean our carpets?

    A. That totally depends on your circumstances such as use, environment, family etc. The general rule of thumb is to have your carpets cleaned annually. This ensures a deep clean to remove ground in dirt and grime that routine vacuuming won't remove. Of course, when a spill occurs such as urine, wine, blood or other organic spills, blot it immediately with a damp towel until no more will blot. Call us immediately as to sooner we treat spots, the greater success rate of removal.

    Call us on 0432 333 464 to book.

    Q. What information do I need to give when I want to book a professional dry carpet clean?

    A. All you need to tell us is the number of bedrooms, master bedroom, hallways, stairs, dining area and lounge or family room that require carpet cleaning. If you can also inform us regarding carpet type and stains or spots, this will help us give a more accurate quote.

    Q. Do you charge extra for apartments or stair access to the property like many other carpet cleaners do?

    A. No. We don't charge extra or other nasty surprises as long as your description on the phone or email is as accurate as possible.

    Q. Can all stains be removed from the carpet or mattress?

    Please call RevitaClean today for a personalised and accurate quote to have your carpet cleaned in Brisbane, Redlands, Logan and the Gold Coast. We dry clean carpets in your home, hotels, office, motels, and resorts. Carpet Cleaning Brisbane Phone 0432 333 464


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