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  • The Clean Mattress Revolution

    As a child, we didn't have our mattresses cleaned...In fact, it was unheard of. We may have wet the bed. Maybe we perspired on those hot steamy summer nights leaving the yellow stain and simply made the bed in the morning hoping that covering the wet spot or the ugly sweat stain will fix it all up.

    Well, we've come a long way since then. Asthma, hay fever, sinus and many other respiratory and skin allergies have made us realise that maybe the beds we sleep in are a substantial trigger to these allergies and illnesses.

    Your bed might not have urine or sweat stains but one thing no one can escape, dead skin flakes embedded in your mattress making great food for the dreaded dust mites. These microscopic spiders can't bite you but their poo certainly can! This is a proven potent allergen that triggers a variety of allergies and nasty reactions.

    After much research, I came up with a system that removes dead skin, dust mites, kills the disease causing bacteria, mould and viruses and whammo, a cleaner, healthier mattress and a peaceful night's sleep.

    Even better news: We DON'T use hot water extraction or steam so your mattress is dry almost instantly and you don't risk mould or mildew growth as you would with these other antequaded methods.

    Mattress Makeover (now called RevitaClean) has operated since 2011 proudly servicing Brisbane, Redland City andGold Coast. We are pleased to say we have hundreds of happy and satisfied customers including home owners, hotels, B&B's and caravan parks who now have a healthy mattress and enjoy a great night's sleep.

    Mattress cleaning and sanitising is an essential part of our everyday hygiene. We clean and mop our floors that we walk on. We scrub the toilet. We install air purifiers. We disinfect the kitchen bench but what about your bed?

    RevitaClean is your Brisbane & Redlands dry carpet cleaning specialists. Finally you don't have to tolerate wet, smelly carpets anymore. 

    Dry when we leave or it's free...Guaranteed. 

    Now you can have clean, healthy and dry mattresses in Brisbane and clean, healthy and dry carpets in Brisbane too! Call Daren today on 0432 333 464 for a free quote. 

    RevitaClean - Your Brisbane Dry Carpet Cleaning Specialists. 

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